Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sunday - 25th - May - 2014: Goodbye Roma (Posted by Meliz Posta)

We are leaving Rome today! We can all say coming to Rome has been an amazing experience in which we got to develop our language skills (ciao bella!), our cooking skills as well as meeting some talented young people similar to us. Needless to say, we would all definitely come back!


Saturday - 24th - May - 2014: The Beach (Posted by Meliz Posta)

Today was our last day in Rome! As we wanted to soak up the last of the good weather, we all headed down to the beach to catch some rays. It was a fab way to spend our last day; our group spent the afternoon reminiscing about the past 2 and a half weeks spent in one of the most historic cities in the world.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Friday 23 May (Posted by Anthony Williams)

Castel Sant'Angelo
We briefly visited Castel Sant'Angelo, a old castle next to St Peters


Thursday 22 May (Posted by Elizabeth Ude)

Vatican City

Of course we cannot come to Rome without visiting one of the most famous locations, The Vatican city. After queuing up for at at least an hour it was rather unfortunate that we couldn't see the whole of The Vatican due to several reasons... BUT on the upper hand we went to St. Paul's Cathedral, which was a ten minute stroll up the road :D
It was all about the details, for me, in this church. Right from the moment I stepped in the church there was so much to pay attention to that it was almost over whelming... from the precisely carved statues to the extremely graphic paintings. 

St. Pauls Cathedral
Some of us got to climb up the over 500 stairs (I think) and saw a view of the whole of The Vatican. Sadly I wasn't one of those people however - thanks to technology - pictures were taken :)

Friday, 23 May 2014

Wednesday 21 May (Posted by Elizabeth Ude)

First part of today we visited Fablab SPQwoRk, a manufacturing and digital fabrication centre.
The most interesting part of this centre was the 3D printing... I had never seen a 3d printer, ever. Till today.
Another was the collection of clothes by several designers. The design of the clothes were very unique and high level fashion style. I would definitely recommend a purchase from this collection, of course only for a very very important occasion... i.e Fashion Week, as this collection fits such an event.

We took the tram to our next destination, which was the famous MAXXI museum.
In all honesty I wasn't sure of my expectations of this place however I was flabbergasted by some of the artefacts and installations in and around this museum, which is one of the many effects art should have I guess.
The MAXXI lives up to its expectation when it comes to the craftsmanship of the architecture, with its contemporary and distinctive style.

Tuesday 20th May (Posted by Elizabeth Ude)

So we watched the film called 'The Great Beauty' previously as a group... and today we got to see some of the famous locations from the film!    :) :)
We strolled from one location to another on this nice sunny day, but although we walked for hours it was worthwhile as we got see see some amazing beautiful scenery. 
Another explorative day in Rome :P

Monday, 19 May 2014 (Posted by Nathan Callender)

Monday 19th May - Today's Activities

Today, the group got involved in interviewing and questioning people (youth club students) who got involved in a stage act that we saw earlier this week (called Black Reality).

Whist doing this we saw the group get involved in:
- freestyle dancing
- joining the youth group activites

It was important to gather as much footage as possible so our project manager gathered a huge amount of footage using the Canon 700D.

Additional Activities
- whole group played Basketball in Park

Monday, 19 May 2014

White Night at Atac

We were invited to Night at the museum music festival... mellow jazz vibe it felt like.

I always find it comforting how every part of the world speaks music... I mean the appreciation :)  & of course the talented team members never fail to signify their presence as well.

All in all we were privileged to be in the midst of such professional musicians.

16/05 'Late night walks'




16/05/14 Late night walks in Rome'

A late night stroll to see the whole of rome, it sounded like mission impossible but it was be done. For me, my favourite most memorable place that we visited during our journey was the Fontana di Trevi also known as Trevi fountain. As a kid, i always wanted to visit the fountain and it finally happened. Being there was honestly breath-taking, I would advise anyone who visits rome to take a trip to Trevi fountain, it feeling like being in a fairytale. The architecture is stunning and beautiful as well as the history to it is very interesting, and i adore the idea of tossing a  coin in and making a wish and as tradition, i did.
From Juliana Inniss 

Friday 16th May (Posted by Gabriella Chering)

                                                      The Late night stroll (Gabriella Chering)

We visited Trevi Fountain, followed by the Spanish Steps. we were on foot and it was during the early hours of the morning. this allowed us to visit famous parts of Rome without too many people around.

Thursday 15th May - (Posted By Akeem Reid)

This morning we were all up and out early to attend a rehearsal session with Alessandra Sini from the Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili Company at the Duncan Dance School.
We watched the dancers from our team participate in the class workshop. The difference in style between this dance company and dancers from the team was clear. They had a modern contemporary approach to movement and dance. it was good to see the dancers in our team were able to adapt to their approach to dance.
On the other hand you would have to be interested in dance to be able to sit and watch such a session...

 In the evening time we began our late night stroll in rome The basic concept was to stay awake for a whole night and see everything we can in Rome. We visited Trevi fountain to make a wish and also went to the Spanish Steps and many many more famous Italian landmarks.